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Needless to say, this election cycle has been filled with a lot of drama from our candidates. Donald Trump’s meme “Make America Great Again” has received resounding support from some of the most unlikely groups. Like minorities!

Candidate Hillary has blessed us all with her take on who Trump supporters are. They’re a basket of Deplorables. Sexists, racists, homophobic, xenophobic and last but not least Islamophobic. It’s a surprise she didn’t throw in fanatical religionists for good measure but that might open a new can of worms she’s not prepared to deal with.

President Obama wasted no time getting out to stump for Hillary and on our dime, no less! In a video of him at a rally in Philadelphia, Obama mentioned himself 137 times. You’d think he would talk about Hillary since she’s the one running but it’s obvious he loves being in the limelight…… a little too much.

President Obama never balks from talking about his own “accomplishments.” An article from The American Mirror stated:

At one point, after running down a list of what he considered accomplishments of his presidency, someone in the audience shouted out about lower gas prices.

The President responded:

“Thank you for reminding me,” he replied. “Thanks, Obama,” he said to himself.

He then ended with:

“The time has come for me to pass the baton on but I know Hillary is going to take it and she’s going to run that race and she will finish that race and that’s why I’m with her.

“That’s why I’m fired up. That’s why I’m ready to go. And I need you to join me,” he continued.

“I need you to work as hard for Hillary as you did for me. I need you to knock on doors. I need you to make phone calls.”

President Obama spends so much time talking about himself it’s a surprise his head has room enough in it to share between his ego and his sad attempt at praising Hillary. America knows who their choice will be and it’s doubtful Hillary will be the one!

Source: The American Mirror


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