Angel Dad Rakes AOC Over The Coals – ‘You’re A Ridiculous Example Of A Human Being’
By OEditor|June 21, 2019
Angel Dad Rakes AOC Over The Coals – ‘You’re A Ridiculous Example Of A Human Being’

This angel dad has every right to be furious – and he takes AOC to task.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to outrage Americans.

As you’ve probably heard, she recently compared the government’s migrant detention center to the concentration camps of WWII.


This woman doesn’t seem to understand anything that’s going on. She only pushes the most extreme statements by the left, and with no regard for the consequences of her irresponsible words.

Well, at least this time she’s going to have to own up to them.

Because a frustrated and irate Angel Dad just called her out BIG time.

Steve Ronnebeck’s son was killed by one of the thousands of people crossing the border against the law, and he has every right to be upset.

He quickly took to Twitter and slammed Ocasio-Cortez for being exactly that which she claims to hate:

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez you are a ridiculous example of a human being.

I will now ‘double-down’ on my statements of yesterday!

You are the worst example of a politician, YOU are a hate monger and a racist and the ONLY acceptable response from you is your immediate resignation.”

Ronnebeck’s son was yet another victim of a criminal who should never have been here in the first place.

It’s these kinds of people that Donald Trump is fighting to keep out of the country: the very same people who AOC seems to be sticking up for.

So, Ronnebeck was rightfully appalled that a lawmaker would use such stupid rhetoric to defend undocumented migrants.

For the short time AOC has been in Washington, she’s proven ill-equipped for her job. She seems to have zero knowledge of the vital issues facing our country.

Plus, she seems to lack a basic understanding of how our government and economy work. That doesn’t stop her from having the audacity to accuse Trump of running “concentration camps” … does this woman have any sense?

Ronnebeck’s response to AOC was brutal and strong. But it came from a man whose son should be alive today.

A son that died because Democrats—like AOC—are putting outsiders ahead of Americans.

Source: Daily Wire

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