Key Democrat And His Wife Might Be In Trouble – Watchdog Group Just Alerted Their Attorney General
By OEditor|July 16, 2019
Key Democrat And His Wife Might Be In Trouble – Watchdog Group Just Alerted Their Attorney General

If there was ever a reason for congressional term limits, it’s this.

Politicians always say they are serving the public’s best interests. Democrats especially claim to be helping the poor and minorities.

But when a politician is in power for too long, with no accountability, we always find something that stinks.

A top Democrat in Congress has sat on a power committee for many years. He has a huge influence in government. His decisions also impact private business.

And we just learned he and his wife might have been up to no good.

From Washington Examiner:

A watchdog group is asking the Maryland attorney general to investigate whether Rep. Elijah Cummings and his wife used a charity for improper self-enrichment…

Rockeymoore’s foundation came under scrutiny earlier this year after the Washington Examiner reported that the foundation had accepted millions of dollars from corporations and special interest groups with business before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, a committee led by Cummings, a Maryland congressman.

Why is it always Democrats caught with their hands in the cookie jar?

Elijah Cummings’ wife ran both a consulting firm and a non-profit. Both had weirdly similar names and were ran out of the same office.

And, coincidentally enough, the non-profit foundation received millions from corporations and lobbyists currently being reviewed by Cummings in Congress.

Oh, there’s no conflict of interest there!

Do Democrats think they can create non-profit foundations—and get away with anything?

We all know the Clinton Foundation was receiving big bucks, from groups that may have gotten favors from Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Are Cummings and his wife pulling a similar scheme? It’s just too convenient that Cummings’ wife is getting huge sums of money from groups seeking support from her husband in Congress.

That kind of behavior should be 100% illegal.

Yet only a watchdog group is looking into it, urging the Maryland attorney general to investigate.

Perhaps the AG could use a little push from patriots, eh?

Please help spread the word if you want to demand Cummings and his wife be investigated!

Source: Washington Examiner

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