Omar Loses It After Reporter Pressures Her – Says Obama Is Human, But Trump Is “Something Else”
By OEditor|July 23, 2019
Omar Loses It After Reporter Pressures Her – Says Obama Is Human, But Trump Is “Something Else”

Ilhan Omar just slipped up on live TV – now Donald has a new 2020 commercial!

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar found a way to make headlines once again yesterday, and this time she went WAY overboard.

The “feud” between Trump and The Squad has been heating up that past few days and it seems like Omar has finally reached her breaking point.

Through a bit of pressure from the reporter, she cracks and lets it slip how she really feels about President Trump.

Honestly, it’s shameful and everyone should hear this.

Watch her break right at the end and tell everyone what she really thinks:

Here’s what happened.

There is a reporter following Ilhan down the hall as she makes her way to the elevator. The reporter asks her a few questions and she ignores him and keeps walking.

After they both reach the elevator, Ilhan finally decides to turn to the reporter and respond to one of his questions: “Do you believe that Trump and Obama are the same, just different when it comes to their policies?”

Now I don’t know exactly what kind of answer the reporter was hoping for, but that not the point. What she says about Trump is the serious issue.

Here is what she said about Obama and Trump:

“Absolutely not. that is silly to even think, and equate the two.

One is human, the other is…really not.”

Excuse me, WHAT?

Did she really just say that the difference between Obama and Trump is that Obama is human and Trump…isn’t human?

I’m not sure I have to explain to you folks how dangerous that type of language is, but it has some serious implications.

The first step to any sort of take-over is to first dehumanize you opponent. Once you have convinced your followers the other side is not even really human, you can pretty much justify anything at that point.

This is very dangerous territory and it’s our duty to stand up against this type of oppression from the left.

Can you imagine the outrage if President Trump had said something similar? Can you imagine how they would have roasted him for calling his opponent something other than human?

But you know — double standards.

I guess they think if they just attack him as a person, they don’t have to actually engage in meaningful criticism of his policies.

Oh yeah, because they are AMAZING! It’s hard to come up with problems in a system that is working so well.

Luckily, President Trump has a massive base of supporters who love him  – all of us.

I’m pretty sure he should use this clip to show Americans what Democrats really believe.

Even if Ilhan Omar doesn’t think you are human, we support you 100% and know you want the best for America.

Please help spread this around. The best way to show the problems with the left is to put their “normal behavior” on full display.

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