Trump Mentions AOC At His North Carolina Rally – Then The Crowd Breaks A Sound Record For The Night
By OEditor|July 18, 2019
Trump Mentions AOC At His North Carolina Rally – Then The Crowd Breaks A Sound Record For The Night

If there’s one thing nobody in America can deny, it’s that President Trump can throw a rally like no other.

Whenever he announces an event, people come out in massive droves to support him.

It should make the left very worried as we head into 2020…

And when Trump mentions his enemies at these rallies, the crowd is quick to express their views.

For example, whenever he mentions Hillary Clinton, they chant, “Lock her up.” If he brings up CNN, they often shout, “CNN Sucks!”

Well at his rally last night, there was a reporter there who had a special mic which lets you know how loud things are around you and gives you a decibel readout.

He kept track of how loud the crowd was at different points of the night.

Apparently the boo for Ilhan Omar came in pretty loud, which is good to see. But it was nothing compared to the boo for miss AOC.

From Twitter:

“Trump invokes @AOC’s name, the crowd boos LOUD, up to a peak of 100.8dB, which shatters @IlhanMN’s previous booing record.

The Trump crowd’s booing for AOC is also the loudest thing to come out of this rally other the walk on song, which hit 111.1dB.”

Woah! The crowd does NOT like her.

She was almost as loud as the walk-on song which I’m sure they blast through the speakers and the crowd goes wild as Trump goes on stage.

Besides the walk on song, the crowd was never as loud as they were booing AOC.

The freshman congresswoman is polling very badly, and she’s being called out by the president for being un-American.

Maybe she was better off being a bartender. Chances are, nobody boos you when you’re serving drinks.

And while AOC’s numbers are dropping, Trump seems to be trending upward.

Just look at the crowd at this rally!

Yes, Americans of all backgrounds are fired up to get Trump re-elected.

And recent news stories branding him and his comments racist have only encouraged more Americans to back him.

His tweets exposed a growing trend of support among Democrats for left-wing wackos like AOC, which is very concerning.

Ocasio-Cortez had no experience in government before getting elected and in the few months she’s been in Congress, she’s accomplished nothing.

So I think those eardrum-shattering boos are well-deserved, don’t you?

Make no mistake, though:

Democrats and their media allies will do everything in their power to take back the White House.

After years of success under Trump, they want to drag us backward, but we aren’t going to let that happen.

Ready for 2020? I sure am.

Source: Twitter

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