Federal Judge Hands Down Trump Ruling – Drops His Gavel On Obamacare Regulation
By OEditor|July 19, 2019
Federal Judge Hands Down Trump Ruling – Drops His Gavel On Obamacare Regulation

One of the biggest promises Donald Trump made was to end Obamacare’s burden on the American people.

It’s no secret that Obamacare was a massive failure. Obama promised it would provide affordable options for Americans in need of healthcare.

Instead, it created a massive tax burden and actually reduced the number of options for many Americans.

Health care costs rose instead of fell.

But President Trump has made strides to fix Obama’s big blunder. He put in a new rule that would provide more affordable plans for Americans. Insurance companies actually tried to sue him over it.

But a federal court just dropped the hammer on these crooks.

From The Hill:

A federal judge on Friday upheld the Trump administration’s expansion of health insurance plans that don’t meet ObamaCare’s coverage requirements…

The plans generally cost less because they don’t have to comply with coverage requirements set by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), such as maternity care and prescription drugs.

That’s how you do it!

The court ruled that Trump’s regulation can stand. That means more health care options for Americans in need, and no more being bound by Obama’s terrible policy.

He’s wiping out Obama’s tainted legacy one step at a time. Thank you Trump!

Obamacare turned our health care system into a mess. It forced the government to get involved in private businesses, making a bigger mess.

The confusing and expensive system left many Americans in the lurch. President Trump has been working over the last few years to find a better solution.

What we need is legislation to repeal and replace it once and for all. But the molasses Democrats in Congress refuse to follow Trump’s lead in doing so.

Trump, refusing to wait for Congress to do anything, took matters into his own hands. He used executive orders to rob Obamacare of its power.

He even got Republicans to repeal the “individual mandate” of Obamacare.

This latest win will provide more, longer-lasting, coverage for working Americans. That’s something we can all be thankful about.

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Source: The Hill

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